Zentangle dress using connector pens

I used to draw zentangle using fine liner pens. But this tried it with connector pens. I used Faber castle connector pens for this.


Connector pens tip are bigger than fine liner. So I used connector pens as base and fine liner as the outline and for minute details.


Zentangle vinayagar

Vinayagar is one of the prominent god in Hinduism. Every work will be started by praying to him.  There are many forms of vinayagar.Here is my work on zebtangled version of vinayagar.

I used. 4 fine liner.


Vinayagar has elephant head and his favorite for is ladoo. The ladoo is seen near the trunk.

Zentangle basics

Zentangle is a drawing of repetitive patterns. Its fun and is considered as a relaxing therapy.
The following pictures are the zentangle art of apple and mango.
Things needed
2.pencil for drawing a rough sketch
3.fine liner pen

First draw an outline of the image you wish. Next chose appropriate color to fill it.I used red for apple and yellow for mango.now start filling with patterns of your wish.the beauty of zentangle is there are no rules.you can use the patterns you like.Infact it can be the same pattern repeating all over again. The resulting picture is this.


I used stabilo .4 fine liner